And Yet It MovesContents

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Preface: The fire within

Chapter 1: The unimaginably strange behaviour of free electrons

1.1 Variations on 'the only mystery'

1.2 Electron interference in a space with holes

1.3 The two-electron quantum interference disappearing act

1.4 Heretical correlations

Chapter 2: Quantum beats and giant atoms

2.1 The light from atomic 'pulsars'

2.2 Anomalous reversals

2.3 Quantum implications of travelling in circles

2.4 Long-distance beats

Chapter 3: And yet it moves: exotic atoms and the invariance of charge

3.1 A commotion about motion

3.2 The electron charge of a moving electron

3.3 The exotic atom

3.4 Epilogue: marking time with planetary atoms

Chapter 4: Reflections on light

4.1 Exorcising a Maxwell demon

4.2 Enhanced reflection: how light gets brighter when it is up against a wall

4.3 Left- and right-handed reflection

Chapter 5: Two worlds, large and small: Earth and atom

Chapter 6: The Wirbelrohr's roar (...or rather whistle)

Chapter 7: Science and wonder

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