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Chapter 1: Fields without forces

1.1 The enigma of quantum interference

1.2 Confined fields and electron interference


Chapter 2: Around and around: the rotating electron in electromagnetic fields

2.1 Broken symmetry of the charged planar rotator

2.2 The two-dimensional rotator in an electric field

2.3 The two-dimensional rotator in a magnetic field

2.4 The two-dimensional rotator in a vector potential field

2.5 Fermions, bosons, and things in-between

2.6 Quantum interference in a metal ring


Chapter 3: Interferometry of correlated particles

3.1 Ghostly correlations: wave and spin

3.2 The AB-EPR effect with two solenoids

3.3 The AB-HBT effect in a two-slit interferometer

3.4 Correlated particles in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer

3.5 Bright than a million suns: electron beams from atom-size sources


Chapter 4: Quantum boosts and quantum beats

4.1 Interfering pathways in time

4.2 Laser-generated quantum beats

4.3 Nonlinear effects in a three-level atom

4.4 Correlated beats from entangled states


Chapter 5: Sympathetic vibrations: the atom in resonant fields

5.1 Beams, bottles, and electric resonance

5.2 Two perspectives of the two-level atom

5.3 Oscillating field theory

5.4 Resonance and coherent states: the tell-tale mark of a quantum jump

5.5 Quantum interference in separated oscillating fields

5.6 Ion interferometry and tests of gauge invariance


Chapter 6: The quantum principles of handedness

6.1 Optical activity of mirror-image molecules

6.2 Quantum interference and parity conservation

6.3 Optical activity of rotating matter



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